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by Pu on June 27, 2011

One of the most common information iPhone/iPad photographers like to share is the content of their personal “camera bag”: whether it is a list of apps they own or either a list of apps they like or use more frequently, it doesn’t really make a difference. Some users just take shots of their iPhone screen to upload them somewhere or to send them, which can be a problem for users with gazillions of different apps all loaded into their devices at the same time. Others simply make a plain list, which is not much handy either, because if they want to include links to the App Store, they have to do it manually. There are also more creative minds that now and then come up with other original techniques.

An easier way to share the contents of your iPhone camera bag with your friends, family or with whomever you want is using Download - Scan - Share

To create your list to share, you simply download the desktop app from ( compatible with Mac and Windows) and, after launching it, you input the path where the apps are located on your computer; scans your folder and gathers the required data, then it generates a complete list of the apps you have downloaded. You can tick off those apps you do not want to include for sharing: in this manner, you can create thematic or selective lists, like what games you have beaten so far or, precisely, what photography apps you own or use more frequently in your iPhone camera bag. When you confirm your selection, you are given a shortened URL, corresponding to a page where the list of your apps is available for display. For each app, you are given a short description, developer, price and also, when available, special offers. Using the page’s sharing features, you can send the link to email contacts or post it on Facebook and Twitter.

Sample list generated in

Lists generated and shared via never expire; however, if you lose your URL, you will not be able to retrieve it — no worries: this only means you will have to generate your list again to get a new web address. is currently in beta, thus it is only capable of listing apps available either in the German or in the US branches of the App Store.’s app is 100% free and you do not require a registration to download it or use their service. The service does not collect any information about you, just the name of the apps you have to create the list.

So, what’s in your personal camera bag? Do you mind sharing with us?

Mar June 28, 2011 at 5:03 pm

The best so far for me are PS Express, Photoforge2, King Camera, Iris, PhotoToaster, MagicHour. I love using those, the results are unique. There are many more fantastic apps like Camera+, FilterStorm, RetroCamera, PictureShow, the list is too long.

Alysia June 29, 2011 at 5:56 pm

Here are the apps that I use more frequently right now 🙂

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