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We do not accept to write paid for reviews or articles. If you want to apply for a review, just ask kindly and provide a promo code for us to try out the app.

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Notes for App Developers
If you have developed a photography app for the iPhone and you would like to have it reviewed, please fill the form below entering information about your application, including a link to the iTunes store.

If you have an application still in development, but you want to have it previewed on Appotography, just send us all the information about it.

If you have press releases or attachments you cannot send through this form, please send us an e-mail to pr (at)

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Our quality articles are read by more than 35,000 unique users every month. This is extremely targeted traffic, as these users come to our website because of their interest in iPhone photography. If you want to know more, send us a message using the contact form – ads are available in the side column and in the header.

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