HipstaVault Now Open

by Pu on September 1, 2012

Hipstamatic's Hipstavault OpenHipstamatic opened the HipstaVault for the weekend: this is a good occasion for those who have missed some of the previously released HipstaPaks to download them and enrich their personal equipment collection of lenses, films and camera cases.


I recently posted about a problem I experienced when trying to restore my Hipstapurchases after they unexpectedly disappeared from my own Hipstamatic camera bag. Some of the items that were missing are now back in the store in the RetroPak form. Unfortunately, the Hipstavault doesn’t allow downloading ALL previously released packs: for reasons probably related to how the App Store keeps track of your purchases (this is just my assumption though), the free special edition packs — like the one containing the Hornbecker lens — are not included in this weekend’s offer.

If you care for your Hipstacollection and you are still missing items, you should try to contact Hipstamatic’s support.

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