Retromatic 2.0 Out For Free

by Pu on August 25, 2013

To celebrate the launch of version 2.0, the app Retromatic for iPhone is free for a limited time. The full price for Peta Vision’s app was previously $1.99.

Retromatic 2.0
Retromatic is a simple editor and poster maker to create retro style images of great visual impact with your photos. By extracting elements from your photos and applying various effects and filters you can give them a colorful old school flavor. Release 2.0 comes with a few improvements to Instagram sharing (now photos are resized to fit Instagram format), new images import and bug fixes. However, this is not all you will find in the app’s latest release. The developer included new extras as a special bonus to give you more choice when editing your pictures. The update includes new graphics packages, a new filter and three new wallpapers.

Some of Retromatic materials are available as extra packages through in-app purchase and they are not included in the current free offer.

You can download Retromatic from the App Store here:

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