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Scan Documents and Photos with Your iPhone

by Pu on November 21, 2010

Sometimes, looking for apps inside the right category in the App Store can get tricky. Have you thought, for example, about the possibility of finding a pocket scanner in the Business category? Maybe you have, maybe not; at any rate, I bet most people wouldn’t think about it if they were to look for it just browsing through categories.

Genius Scan is not strictly a photography app, but surely it’s not so obvious to label it as a business app either. Anyway, it involves the use of a camera and it’s definitely an app you might want to get also for its potential as a photographic tool. In addition to that, it could really come in handy at some point — it’s totally free too! So let’s take a closer look at it.

Main Features

  • Page frame detection;
  • Perspective correction;
  • Color or black and white post-processing;
  • Store scans as JPG in the camera roll;
  • Create documents with multiple scans;
  • Rename documents;
  • Send documents via email as PDF.

Appotography Opinion

Let’s assume you need to take a quick copy or note of something (a document, a sign, a book page, an excerpt of an article from a magazine, a notice on bulletin board, etc.) but you have no time or means to make a copy or to write down the information you need to remember. How many times has this happened to you? Even if it hasn’t happened yet, you can be sure it’s bound to happen sooner or later. A portable copier would be useful at times like this, wouldn’t it? If you have an iPhone, the possibility to use the iPhone camera to achieve something of the sort surely crossed your mind. But most of the times — if you tried it, you perfectly know what I mean — the photo turns out all crooked and unusable.

Genius Scan provides you exactly with this: a pocket scanner you can always bring with you. You just have to take a shot of the documents you want to keep for further reference, you crop the image and have its perspective adjusted, you choose if you want it processed as a color or black and white image, and you save it. You can save your snapshot as a JPG image file or create a document  with single or multiple scans and send it as a PDF file. You can also access the camera roll and use pictures taken with other apps or with the default iPhone camera.

Genius Scan iPhone

Genius Scan iPhone

Genius Scan iPhone

iPhone photographers may also need Genius Scan for improving their photos: quite a few  people use this app in more creative ways, for example to effectively straighten or adjust the perspective of pictures that are taken from wrong angles — to make photos of buildings look as if they were taken from a frontal position when they were not, for example.

With Genius Scan your privacy is 100% protected, as the app doesn’t send your data to third parties, and everything is being processed on your phone. The app is free, and even if it weren’t, it would definitely be worth having on your Apple device!


Name: Genius Scan
Developer: Grizzly Software
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod Touch. iOS 4.0 or later.
Price: free!
Vote: 4/5

Genius Scan - The Grizzly Labs

Kris Sanchez January 24, 2011 at 12:59 am

Good find!

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