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by Pu on March 14, 2011

Guess what? There is a brand new app for you photo-labelling geeks out there. It’s called iLabeler and it’s brought to you by misskiwi, developer specialized  in trying to recreate analog film camera feel on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and already known to Apple users for other apps like ClassicTOY, ClassicSAMP, ClassicINSTA, and more.

Main Features

  • Full resolution available;
  • 8 styles;
  • 10 ready-to-use backgrounds (640 x 960 pixels only);
  • Rotate labels in any direction;
  • Share with email and Facebook.

Appotography Opinion

With iLabeler you have a pocket digital label printer which is both really cool in appearance and excellent in the results it provides.

You can start with a photo taken either with plain or toy camera, you can use a photo from your camera roll, or you can use one among the blank ready-to-use backgrounds that come with the app. You do not have to worry about the background at first, because you can change it at any moment, also after you have created your label.  There are eight different fonts to choose from. The styles, although some may argue are basically very similar, cover a variety of possibilities, ranging from classic to vintage to icons; with the color picker feature you can also change the background color of your labels — you cannot change font color though. You scroll right and left to pick characters and confirm each of them to input your text. You can delete characters if you make mistakes.

iLabeler by misskiwi for iPhone

iLabeler works impeccably. However, the intricate scrolling method to pick letters to compose the text of the labels is something that I’m sure will make many users uncomfortable. In fact, you have to manually scroll back and forth to pick single characters, which greatly affects the rapidity of the labelling process. The wheel has arrows that allow jumping from a position to another in the alphabet, but even this doesn’t improve much the overall usability of iLabeler. Especially at first, writing even the shortest label can be kind of troubling. A simple and straightforward keyboard to input the text would probably please most users, even if it would take away part of the cuteness of this app. Could this be an optional feature to be added in the future perhaps?

iLabeler by misskiwi for iPhone

In spite of the sketchy letter-picking, which anyway won’t be that bad if you give the app some time for you to get used to it, iLabeler remains a very effective tool for its purpose. The app by misskiwi succeeds where other apps in the same genre failed. If you want a stylish, first-class labelling accessory to write fancy messages or to use as a complement to other apps, go for it. And enjoy!


Name: iLabeler
Developer: misskiwi
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. iOS 4.1 or later.
Price: £0.59||$0.99||€0.79
Vote: 4/5

iLabeler - misskiwi

Rob March 16, 2011 at 1:52 am

A very nice app.

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