PhotoToolbox Filter Codes Pt. 1

by Pu on May 15, 2011

PhotoToolbox users, we have a few filter codes to for you to use. We are going to post them little by little, so check out for more in the upcoming days. We are starting this brief series of posts with three codes corresponding to very different filters.

A little variety doesn’t hurt, does it?

To import the codes into your PhotoToolbox in order to use them, simply open Settings -> Filters setting -> Combination Filters Import&Export -> copy or input the whole line as published here under each image into the text area -> Import.

PhotoToolbox iPhone Free Filter Codes


PhotoToolbox iPhone Free Filter Codes

Antique Sepia,14,-15,0,0,0,-20,10,1,0,0,0,-15,10

PhotoToolbox iPhone Free Filter Codes


If you have your own codes and you feel like sharing them, drop us a line and we will be happy to publish your creations on our page.

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