iShuttr: Turn Your iPhone 4 Into A Point-And-Shoot Camera

You can back up this new iPhone project on Kickstarter.

by Pu on June 11, 2011

Choosing the right camera case is not as simple as it seems. Some cases put the accent on stylish and fashionable looks; some others on protection and comfort: deciding what are your priorities can be tough.

Differently from most other cases, iShuttr‘s purpose is not only protecting your iPhone. iShuttr is a sleek camera case for iPhone 4, designed to turn your iDevice into a point-and-shoot camera, for more control and easier use. The project is under development and currently open for funding on Kickstarter. Although at the moment iShuttr is an iPhone 4 exclusive, there are plans to bring it also to iPhone 5 and Android models.

The ergonomic shape of iShuttr’s plastic body can be held or mounted on any standard 1/4-20″ threading tripod. iShuttr has embedded firing flash on its back side, powered by external battery system. Relying on external battery permits better management of power: preserving battery life is a critical issue for iPhone camera users. The case features also zoom in/out buttons, making more convenient to use entirely external commands, instead of the touch screen.

Given the possibilities of the upcoming iOS 5, it’s in the intention of the developers to make use of the new features to the advantage of iShuttr camera case.

The goal is to hit $50,000 by August 14. The fundraising will help developers to acquire all the needed components and the MFi test kits for building the final prototypes that will be presented to Apple for approval. The retail price for iShuttr camera case will be $69.99. With a pledge of $50 or more, you will receive the iShuttr camera case at a special price. If you pledge $100 or more, you will get two iShuttr camera cases, mini tripod and a few more extras.

If iShuttr tickles your curiosity, please take a look at the project’s page on Kickstarter for more information.

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