AstroClip: iPhone 4’s Best Stargazing Friend

by Pu on July 24, 2011

How many committed stargazers are there? Among those, there are also many iPhone users with a passion for photography. If you are into both astronomy and iPhone photography, an ongoing project on Kickstarter will perhaps interest you: AstroClip will help you taking photographs of the starry sky directly on your iPhone 4.

AstroClip is a special iPhone 4 mount to fit all telescopes with a 1.25″ wide eyepiece — which is to say, most telescopes, since 1.25″ is the most popular size for eyepiece barrels. The body of the mount, in black or white color, is made of rigid plastic material and features three screws to allow perfect fit to the telescope’s eyepiece. AstroClip is minimally designed and sturdy enough to keep the iPhone steady while taking photos at night. Using AstroClip, you won’t need other camera equipment to take photos of the moon with your telescope (it goes without saying: you have to have a telescope to use AstroClip).

With a pledge of $25 or more, the project backers will get an AstroClip mount in the color of their choice, while by pledging $40 or more they will get a limited Kickstarter edition AstroClip in red color and a T-Shirt. For higher pledges, there are more extras available.

The goal is to raise $15,000 by September 3, 2011. The funds will be used to start the production, which will employ quality injection molding. Matthew Geyster, the project starter, points out that AstroClip will be entirely manufactured in the US. For now, AstroClip is only designed to work with iPhone 4. However, if pledging will be successful, it’s likely AstroClip’s compatibility will be extended also to upcoming iPhone models.

If you want to know more on AstroClip, please visit the project’s page on Kickstarter.

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