Qbro Updated to 3.3

by Pu on June 21, 2011

Qbro 3.3 by Jellybus is now available in the App Store. The latest release, in more detail:

qbro by Jellybus for iPhone

  • Added auto-saving of original photos to Camera Roll;
  • Added 3 new filter packs;
  • Optimization for iPhone3G;
  • Added support for uploading to RenRen.com;
  • Improved SNS sharing.

The filter packs added in version 3.3 contain each three filters, for a total of nine new filters for your iPhone photography.
qbro by Jellybus for iPhone
Scene Pack (filters included: AutoTone, Darken, Backlight) simply adjusts exposure; MiniA pack (filters included: Mini Up, Mini Mid, Mini Low) simulates tiltishift effects for creating miniature photos; Twist pack (filters included: Popsicle, Citron, TokTok) applies extreme color shifts to images.

qbro by Jellybus for iPhone

BackLight and TokTok filters.

Unfortunately, the overall value of qbro hasn’t changed since our previous review. Developers seem to prefer to add new features and gimmicks, rather than taking care of actual issues of their app.


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