8mm Vintage Camera 1.2 Out Now

by Pu on June 25, 2011

8mm Vintage Camera for iPhone by NexvioAfter a long wait, the updated version of 8mm Vintage Camera is now available in the App Store. Release 1.2 adds a few useful features to Nexvio’s 8mm camera, in addition to new film simulation and lens.

A pleasant surprise is the newly added possibility to process previously recorded videos by importing them from your device. In the older versions of 8mm Vintage Camera, you could only use videos taken from within the app; this limitation was one of the biggest concerns for the Nexvio’s app users. Unfortunately, previously taken videos are also saved in small resolution, just like videos taken in-app and processed in real time. This means that, if you process your HD videos within 8mm Vintage Camera, you will end up with a rather disappointing 480 x 360 resolution clip.

8mm Vintage Camera by Nexvio for iPhone
You can now combine projector sound with soundtrack recording and delete all your clips at once from My Reels gallery. Moreover, your videos can now be saved automatically to Camera Roll, other than to My Reels gallery.

Other relevant additions are the new lens, Super 8, and the two films, Noir and 60’s. 8mm vintage camera now comes with a total of 5 lens and 7 film effects. This short clip shows both Noir and 60’s film in combination with Super 8 lens.

Finally, AirPlay support was also added with this latest release.

Guillermo Vekez January 28, 2014 at 4:36 am

I love the app!!!
I just want to know how to erase the videos from the app once I save them.


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