New Telephoto Lens for Your Camera Phone

by Pu on July 28, 2011

Photojojo just released their new telephoto cell phone lens, out now and available from their shop. The new lens is the third release in a series of cell phone camera add-ons, which also include a macro/wide angle and a fisheye lens.

With a 2x zoom capability, the telephoto is the aid you are looking for if you want to make subjects look closer in your photos. Like the macro/wide angle and the fisheye, the telephoto lens is compatible with most cell phone cameras. Yes, also with your older iPhone model. To attach it to the camera, the lens features a detachable magnetic ring. Front and back covers come with the lens to prevent scratching.

Photojojo camera phone lens kit.

The complete lens kit.

Note that in Photojojo FAQ it is stated that lenses will fit most cell phone bodies, but iPhone 3GS and 4 users will experience some issue due to the design of their devices (the curved body in 3GS and the flash in 4 getting in the way). Note also that the lens produces intense vignetting around the borders of photos taken with it. The vignetting may be a problem for some users, although for others it may be a point in favor, as it gives photos a peculiar style.

Photojojo telephoto lens

Photo with (right) and without (left) telephoto lens.

The new telephoto ships for $20, but it’s possible to get the complete three-lens kit at the special price of $49.

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