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by Pu on July 30, 2011

Taking photos with an Apple iPhone is not only about saving memories from oblivion or about creating. The iPhone camera can be used also for pure amusement and to discover new ways of taking photos.

Appysnap combines the features of a photo sharing app with those of a treasure hunting game and nicely bundles them for the iPhone format.

Main Features

  • Full resolution available;
  • In-app guide;
  • Share on Facebook and Twitter.

Appotography Opinion

As a refreshing way to explore themes and ideas, Appysnap can be used by everybody, expert photographers and beginners or casuals alike. In fact, using Appysnap requires no previous knowledge of how the iPhone camera and other photography apps work. Following the instructions and taking snapshots is all that is necessary to play.
Appysnap iPhone
To use the app, you need to create an Appysnap profile (note that the profile is unique and it cannot be shared on more devices), which you can connect to Twitter and Facebook accounts to post evidence of your achievements. From the missions panel, you can read briefs and choose missions you feel like completing. Mission themes vary a lot and come in many forms. They can be about taking snapshots of specific objects, people, situations. For obvious fair play reasons, importing photos from the Camera Roll is not allowed. For missions you successfully complete, you are awarded points that will determine your personal Appysnap rank. Points are not always automatically updated: for some missions, all entries have to be reviewed before assigning points. Other missions will award points only to the quickest players.
Appysnap iPhoneSecret or local missions can be available as well from time to time. In general, this kind of missions doesn’t assign points, but caps (exclusive badges which you can collect to unlock special content) or prizes.

There might be times when you have completed all the missions before new ones are generated, so you will have to check back often or enable push notifications to allow Appysnap tell you when new missions become available. Mission downtimes can vary and occasions in which you will not be able to complete any mission for various reasons (you don’t own some required item or you don’t live in areas where matching situations can occur) will be frequent.

Appysnap is a nice diversion from the usual way of conceiving iPhone’s photographic capabilities and, even though there is definitely space for improvements, using this app can suggest fresh ideas and different approaches to photo taking.


Name: Appysnap
Developer: Never Odd Or Even LLP
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. iOS 3.1.3 or later.
Price: free!
Vote: 4/5

Appysnap - Never Odd Or Even LLP

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