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Simple and minimal private photo sharing.

by Pu on August 1, 2011

Many alternatives to common photo sharing are emerging. iPhone users are more and more challenged to make use of their photos in new creative ways and to take advantage of photo sharing also as a way to tell others something meaningful. Tracks can be used simply to share photos, but also to tell a story, compose a visual essay, or simply put together a thematic collection with photos you take with your iPhone.

Main Features

  • Create and delete tracks;
  • Comments.

Appotography Opinion

The idea behind Tracks is nice, but I was not completely convinced by its actualization: in the present state, Tracks looks more like a service still in need of testing than like a full-fledged sharing platform. The interface is minimally designed and very slick, but features are also very limited. All in the name of simplicity, but exaggerated simplicity is not always desirable.

Users create a profile and then they can either load photos from their device or use the built-in camera feature. By loading photos, users create albums (or tracks, if you wish) they can share with people they personally choose, like friends and family. Whole tracks can be deleted as well as individual photos in them. From Tracks website you can have an overview of all the tracks you have created.
Tracks iPhoneThe main quality of Tracks, as I said, is also the app’s main flaw: extreme simplicity. The fact it’s not possible to rearrange the photos in any logical order or edit the location defies in part the purpose of the app. Moreover, once they are logged in, users are given no further indications. How does Tracks work in detail? What about Terms of Service and Privacy Policy? And so on and so forth. In the absence of a guide, tips or help of any kind, you have to find answers to all your questions on your own (if you’re the fussy type, you can contact the support service: they are very polite and more than willing to help their users). Anyway, most of the times, if you cannot figure it out, it means you cannot do it.

Tracks iPhoneRight now, Tracks is a hassle-free app that makes it possible to privately share photos — which is something, it must be said, several other services allow as well and with more options. But Tracks has the potential to become something more refined and useful: we will be looking forward to future updates.


Name: Tracks™
Developer: Tracks Media Inc.
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. iOS 4.0 or later.
Price: free!
Vote: 3/5

Tracks™ - Tracks Media, Inc.

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