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A new and unique way to share moments of your life.

by Pu on August 9, 2011

GLMPS is a photo sharing application for iPhone that doesn’t strictly take photos or videos, but it records “glimpses”, which are a combination of the two. According to its creators, a glmps (the app’s form for glimpse) is a sort of “visual status” that can be shared among users to tell others something about themselves.

Main Features

  • 480×480 pixels resolution (saved photos);
  • In-app guide;
  • Share on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Tumblr.

Appotography Opinion

To use GLMPS, an account is needed. It’s possible to create the personal profile in GLMPS by connecting to Twitter or Facebook. To take a glmps, the user simply aims the device and taps on the shutter button. Together with the snapshot, a short video clip is also automatically recorded (the photo taken is actually the last frame of the clip). The user can add a title and turn on or off geolocation before posting each glmps in the app’s community. A glmps can be sent to other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter or it can be embedded as a video in any webpage. The original photo is normally saved to the Camera Roll (video clips, on the other hand, are not).

GLMPS for iPhone
Each glmps can be played over by tapping on it again and again. From within the app, GLMPS users can follow others, explore popular entries, comment and choose their favorites, not differently than in other photo sharing communities.

Although this is perhaps not too much of a relevant issue given GLMPS’s actual purpose, it must be said that the final resolution of saved photos is ridiculous: 480×480 pixels, definitely too small. Even if they are conveniently saved to the Cameral Roll, quite simply photos taken with the app don’t lend themselves to be used in many ways.

I admit I might be proved wrong, but I feel the scope of this app is a bit narrow: users don’t have any control over their final results; moreover, sharing something that is neither a photo nor a video has serious limitations — not to mention it could get stale after novelty wears off. However, the idea behind GLMPS is undoubtedly interesting and, since the app itself is free, it is worth a try.


Developer: GLPMS LLC
Compatibility: iPhone (3GS, 4), iPod Touch, iPad. iOS 4.2 or later.
Price: free!
Vote: 3/5


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