BubbleScope: Shoot 360° Photos and Videos

Available soon on iPhone 4.

by Pu on August 8, 2011

BubbleScope — not to be confused with Bubble Scope — is a new optical accessory allowing capture of 360° stills and videos with your camera phone. The project, started on CrowdFunder by Tom Lawton and currently ongoing, arrives after funding on Kickstarter for other 360° add-ons for iPhone camera was successful. I am referring in particular to Kogeto’s Dot and EyeSee360’s GoPano micro. Differently from BubbleScope, these devices only record video.

BubbleScope is a capsule-like attachment that slides into a special rigid case. With a twist, the user will be able to bring up the optical bubble, which will remain safely locked when not in use. Case and optical device will be sold separately: while the optical bubble will be the same, different case models will be manufactured to fit most smartphones. The case for iPhone 4, in two colors (black and white) is the first scheduled for release.
BubbleScope will be usable both in lanscape and portrait orientation. With a click, it will be possible to take either photos or videos. The camera add-on will work in conjunction with BubblePix, an app able to instantly display the panoramic scenes in real time. This will allow accurate preview before capturing. BubblePix will feature an online community for sharing 360° bubbles created with BubbleScope.

The funding target of £3,000 was successfully reached, but there is still more than enough time, if you are interested, to go take a look at the project’s page on CrowdFunder and give your contribution. All funds raised will help to get the production started. It’s possible to invest from £20 to £70 in this project. Depending on the amount invested, funders will be either offered a discount on the purchase of BubbleScope when it will become available or they will be sent a BubbleScope as soon as production is completed — they will be given the opportunity to become beta testers as well.

BubbleScope will be out in Autumn 2011.

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