Pinhole HD Review

The return of Pinhole.

by Pu on August 19, 2011

Before the HD came, there once was a sweet little iPhone app called Pinhole Camera. Pinhole Camera brought the feeling of original pinholes, with their attractive lo-fi look, to Apple devices. In spite of the good idea and even if the app in general looked very nice and polished, there were some serious resolution limitations in Pinhole Camera that prevented many users from enjoying it as they wished. Pinhole HD is a new and improved version of Pinhole Camera: the pinhole camera app for iPhone now offers bigger output resoulution and more features.

Main Features

  • Full resolution available;
  • Square format;
  • Double exposure on/off;
  • Three different films (color, expired color, b&w);
  • 3 frame styles;
  • Set lens distortion;
  • Share the photos via Facebook or email.

Appotography Opinion

Pinhole HD works almost exactly like Pinhole Camera; the only difference is that you have more options and a higher resolution available. The UI is also the same: if you are used to the previous Pinhole app, you won’t have any problem using the HD version.
Pinhole HD iPhonePinhole HD features three types of film: color, expired color and black and white. From the Film menu, you can choose your desired effect before taking pictures. You can turn on and off the double exposure with a swiping motion of your finger over the slide button located on the top right of the main screen. Using the button on top left of the screen, resolution (small, medium and high) can be set in the same way. If you decide to take a double exposure, you are requested to tap twice on the shutter button. You do not have time limitations, but you cannot change film from the first exposure to the next. Development takes place in background, so you can keep on shooting while your photos are being processed.
Pinhole HD iPhoneAll the photos you take are saved to the Gallery, from which in any moment you can decide to make basic adjustments, like changing film type and frame, enabling lens distortion (low or high, to simulate a wide angle effect) and balancing blending in double exposures. Default values for these parameters can be changed from iPhone’s Settings. Once you are satisfied with your image, you can save it to Camera Roll, send it to Facebook or share it with your email contacts. In the new HD version, it’s possible to select more photos at once to delete, share or save them with a single tap. Differently from Pinhole Camera, Pinhole HD lets you process photos stored in the Camera Roll, not only those taken with the built-in camera.

Pinhole HD iPhone

Color, white frame, low distortion (left); expired color, tape frame, no distortion (right).

Processing times in Pinhole HD are slower compared to average. Also, please note that when you close Pinhole HD, your settings are always reset. For example, if you pick the higher resolution available and then exit the app, the next time you will open it, the resolution will be set again to a default medium. To avoid surprises, be sure to check your settings every time you open the app.

Pinhole HD iPhone

Double exposure in expired color and b&w.

Pinhole HD is a more solid and better-rounded edition of the former Pinhole Camera app for iPhone. Effects are as good as in the previous version; the idea behind the app, original but straightforward, is still refreshingly pleasing. All in all, Pinhole HD is very easy and fun to use.


Name: Pinhole HD
Developer: Martin Kosdy
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod Touch (4th), iPad 2. iOS 4.1 or later.
Price: £0.59||$0.99||€0.79
Vote: 4/5

Pinhole HD - Martin Kosdy

Robert Herold August 19, 2011 at 7:34 am

Is it possible to change resolution? Where can I set it?

Desmond Williams August 19, 2011 at 3:25 pm

Swap left or right on the profile icon above the camera icon on the main screen. It took me a while to figure out what does what as well. The creator should’ve made a Help Tab to describe the different icons & menus. None the less, it’s a great app. I really like it.

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