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Access, edit and share photos on your Apple device from anywhere.

by Pu on September 8, 2011

Adobe announced Carousel, a new cloud-based service dedicated to photo storage and sharing. Adobe Carousel, which will be released later this month, will make it possible to store, edit and share images across Apple devices.

After downloading Carousel from the App Store, users will be able to browse their entire photo libraries from anywhere, perform post-processing making use of the same technology of Lightroom, and share their images with their contacts — all without the need to sync. Carousel will allow its users to catalogue photos, enhance them by adjusting various settings and by applying presets, and to create unlimited image galleries which they will be able to share with up to five people. A single Adobe ID will be required to access the service from all iDevices — that is, Macs running OS X Lion and iPhone 3GS/iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G and iPad/iPad 2.

The introductory price for subscribers will be $59.99 a year or US$5.99 a month — the offer will be valid until  January 31, 2012 —  while the regular price to access the service will be $99.99 a year or US$9.99 a month. As for other Adobe products, a 30-day free trial period will be available.

Although Adobe state on their site that support for Windows and Android is in the works, Carousel will be open at the beginning only to Apple users.

martin September 8, 2011 at 5:39 am

Reading this, I have mixed feelings: like anything Adobe, this looks a bit pricey. Also, I am not sure about the actual usefulness of having a lightroom-like editor on portable devices like iPhone. There are tons of apps now that are quite advanced and I don’t miss an iPhone version of lightroom. We’ll see.

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