XnRetro Review

Enjoyable little app for basic photo enhancements.

by Pu on February 21, 2013

XnRetro is the little sibling of the more comprehensive XnView. The app is pretty much hassle-free and user-friendly, but it offers limited tools. XnRetro is an okay photo companion for users who need all the essential features that make a photography app usable, from processing to sharing, without sophistications and convoluted controls.

XnRetro iPhone

Main Features

  • 19 filters;
  • 26 frames;
  • 15 light textures;
  • 6 vignette styles;
  • Add grain;
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation;
  • Send via email;
  • Share on Facebook and Twitter;
  • Open photos in other apps.

Appotography Opinion

XnRetro is a very straightforward app with basic features for simple and quick photo enhancements. It comes with a reasonable collection of retro looking filters and frames ready to use. It includes several light textures (leaks,  bokeh, and other effects) with adjustable opacity, vignette styles, and the possibility to add grain and to edit brightness, contrast and saturation of images. Edited photos can be posted to Facebook and Twitter, can be uploaded to Dropbox or can be sent via email, also as PDF files. Moreover, photos can be opened in other apps for further editing.

XnRetro iPhone
Unfortunately, the app doesn’t allow full resolution saving (the maximum I managed to save is 1536 x 1560); apparently, from the in-app settings you can select an option for exporting original sized images to the device’s photo library, but I couldn’t get it to work. Even with its limitations, XnRetro does a bit of everything average users will need for their pictures. Casual shooters and people willing to share photos after applying slight modifications, attractive retro looking filters, and fancy borders will definitely have fun with this app.

XnRetro iPhone
XnRetro works both on iPhone and iPad. The app is currently free in the App Store (previously it was $0.99). If you are curious, give it a try now.

Name: XnRetro
Developer: XnView
Compatibility: iOS 5.0 or later.
Price: £0.69||$0.99||€0.89
Vote: 4/5

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