LensFlare And Alien Sky Updated

by Pu on February 22, 2013

New versions of BrainFeverMedia’s LensFlare and Alien Sky are available in the App Store. LensFlare is now version 12.0 and the much “younger” Alien Sky is currently version 3.0.

LensFlare/Alien Sky

The latest release brings to these two apps a new splash screen, a revamped UI, and a number of extra lens filter effects. Previously the apps were designed to work in horizontal position; the most notable aspect is that the newer interface makes it possible to work with ease both on vertically and horizontally oriented devices.

LensFlare Filters

Even though both apps (and the closely related LensLight, by the same developer but not yet updated) offer similar editing features and effects, there are thematic differences among them. LensFlare is especially created for adding to images optical effects like flares, rays of light and halos; for a more specifically space-oriented, sci-fi look, Alien Sky is what you need. LensFlare and Alien Sky are filled with nifty effects that work great on their own, but they also provide really nice results used in combo with other apps.

LensFlare and Alien Sky are $0.99 (£0.69/€0.89) each in the App Store.

Get LensFlare here:

Get Alien Sky here:

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