LensLight 5.0 Is Out

by Pu on February 23, 2013

Following the recent updates for LensFlare and Alien Sky, a new version of LensLight is now also available in the App Store. LensLight is the last member in BrainFeverMedia’s family of light effects apps to be updated.


We gave you a brief overview of the new LensFlare and Alien Sky in a previous entry. LensLight’s newest version matches the the updated features of its sisters. The app, now 5.0, features an all new splash screen, an enhanced interface and photographic filters to modify color of edited images and to add vignettes, gradients and scanlines. The Texture section hasn’t been touched and it’s still accessible through the Filters panel.

The redesigned interface of LensLight 5.0 allows users to process photos while their device is held in a vertical position. This is particularly convenient to process photos taken in portrait orientation.

LensLight is $0.99 (£0.69/€0.89) in the App Store.

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