Image Blender On Sale

by Pu on May 17, 2013

Image Blender is currently on sale. The app is 66% off its full price tag: previously $2.99 in the App Store, it is now only $0.99. There are a number of image blending apps available for iDevices, but if you are looking for simple features and lots of potential, Image Blender has all you will need.

Image Blender on sale
Blending images can help you achieve unique effects and bring your image editing skills to another level. Image Blender gives you not only a comprehensive set of popular blending modes (Multiply, Overlay, Screen, Soft Light, etc.), but also a masking feature to apply them just where you need. Masks will give you better control over your blending, while helping you at the same time creating collages by combining pictures together smoothly. With just these two features, your post-processing possibilities are endless.

Image Blender is particularly indicated for Camera+ users as it allows direct import of images from the app as if they were in your Camera Roll.

Get the app quickly, because the current offer is valid for a limited time only.

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