Repix 1.4 Out Now

by Pu on July 3, 2013

The latest version of artistic photo editing app Repix was released hours ago and it is now available in the App Store. Release 1.4 includes additional content in the form of new in-app purchases and an offer for downloading all extras with a special discount.

Repix Rad Frames
Repix 1.4 introduces photo frames to its materials which previously comprised only filters and effects brushes. The Rad Frames come in 10 different styles, most of them featurimg simple geometric edges and shapes. For each style there is a white and a black variation. Users can swith from one to the other by tapping on the ‘+’ icon. Rad Frames are available for $0.99.

Repix Live Brushes
The update adds also a new brush pack. The Live Brushes are four in all, luminous hearts, bokeh-like dots, glowing dust and dandelion seeds. They will not be a significant addition for people using Repix for its artistic media effects, but they will be of some use to those who like the app for simple picture enhancements. The live brushes pack is available for $1.99.

The final upgrade interests the app’s Master’s Collection, which unlocks all in-app purchases at once. The Master’s Collection price is now $6.99, which is 55% off the actual full price for all packs sold separately. Purchasing a subscription to the Master’s Collection will also give users access to all the new content that will be added with future updates.

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