Of Old-fashioned Brighton Summers & Melted Ice-creams

by Pu on July 17, 2013

Once upon a time we used to enjoy our holidays, to paint our lips with melted ice-cream to the despair of our mothers and to warm our tiny tender feet in the frolicsome caress of silky sands. Once upon a time—another time, a proto-time—the notion of holidays belonged only to the elite and made no sense at all for the sweating classes who used to work all year round. “But who cares? That was long time ago!” some will think.

Hipstamatic Brighton Hipstapak
Long time ago indeed, but not too long. The learned men cleverly taught us that time and history—and bad habits with them too—repeat themselves. We shouldn’t use clever theories for our personal purposes, but this is actually a pretty good, even if a bit pretentious, apology for spending the summer in the city with no regrets. So yes, we stay in the city like our proto-ancestors instead of rolling watermelons on the beach; we eat our ice-cream on carved benches near the railway station and we take a few pictures with our camera phones instead of sunbathing to unconsciousness. That’s not too bad, actually.

Urban summer is thus upon us in all its fervor. Non-Oggl users were finally given their share of obsolete Brighton holidays in the form of a lens and film with which they can sit on benches and take pictures of unsummery things and make them summery. Doris, the lens, is a warmish little peeper that visually smells of cologne in a musty drawer opened for the first time in years. Sussex is slightly rugged at the borders, but not too much. Just enough not to give people an excuse to call it decrepit. The two, together, are indeed quite carefree and breezy, as breezy as the finest sickly Sussex mornings on a sunny Sunday—oh dear, these sibilant alliterations. Yes, I know what some are thinking, but I still like to try all the new Hipstapaks, even if many of the items they contain I will use perhaps no more than once or twice…

Hipstamatic Brighton Hipstapak
I incidentally discovered I like to take with this combo photos of old buildings, those in the dilapidated league especially. Old buildings have the uncanny tendency to peel off and fall apart and they have little of their original colorful skin left when you happen to pass by decades and decades after their prime. This combo actually brings some tonal cheerfulness to their filthy cracks, which is like adding some rouge on the cheeks of an untanned lady. Ha!

Hipstamatic Brighton Hipstapak
The new Hipstapak will bring some salty air to your Hipstamatic shots for $.99. If you’re on Oggl, you can experience salt and sand in there, too.

ILAR July 31, 2013 at 11:18 am

Love the pic – cobblestones pop in orange.

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