Superimpose 2.8 Out Now

by Pu on September 4, 2013

Superimpose version 2.8 is out now. In the new release you will find some significant improvements that will make your masking and blending proceed more smoothly to make your overall editing workflow easier.

Superimpose 2.8
Here are the changes in the latest version of the app:

  • Both background and foreground images can be cropped while loading.
  • It is finally possible to lock aspect ratio of the foreground image in the Transform panel.
  • The newly loaded foreground images maintain all transformations instead of being reset if they have the same aspect ratio as the previous ones.
  • It is now possible to snap the foreground image to the edges and middle section in the Transform panel automatically when moving it over the background.
  • Panning with a two finger gesture when in the Mask panel is more accurate.
  • Metadata for images is now preserved.
  • Last but not least, various bug fixes.

Superimpose works both on iPhone and iPad and it is one of our favorite masking and layer blending tools for iOS. The app permits to achieve complex effects in a cinch and it is very simple to use. You will find the current version of Superimpose for $.99 in the App Store at the following link.

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