PhotoCopier Free For One Day

by Pu on September 4, 2013

PhotoCopier by Digital Film Tools is free in the App Store right now. The app was previously $1.99 and its price will go back to normal in just a few hours, so go download your copy while this offer lasts!

PhotoCopier iOS Free
PhotoCopier will give your photos new life and unexpected twists by applying presets that emulate the style of masters painters and photographers. There are many effects to choose from, ranging from Renaissance to modern age, and all are customizable through adjustable settings. Finding the right look for each of your images may take time, especially at first, but the app comes with a rich selection of styles, so you just have to try them out one by one. The various effects are arranged into categories, depending on the branch of visual arts they are connected to. You have presets to cover the art of painters, the film industry, and of course photographers and photographic processes, in monochrome and color.

PhotoCopier works on iPhone and iPad. Get your free download here.

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