Popkick Review

The new shiny version of the funky pop camera is out.

by Pu on November 4, 2013

Popkick users and fans of colorful warholesque pop effects, keep an eye on the App Store: a revamped version of the app Popkick is being released on the 5th of November. We were given the chance to try the new Popkick shortly before the official release. Here is our experience with it.

Popkick App

Main Features

  • Resolution up to 3080 pixels (iPhone 5/iPad 3 and later);
  • 15 photo filters;
  • 5 photo enhancements;
  • Add border;
  • Send via email;
  • Share to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Appotography Opinion

The former Popkick was thoroughly redesigned, but at the core its character remained the same. The new interface is minimal and works smoothly, with a sleek and sophisticated style to harmonize with that of iOS 7. Even minor details are carefully designed, like the background colors changing to match the tone of your photos. Popkick is capable of producing eye-catching colorful images in a cinch. Overall, the app is fun and easy to use. However, final resolution on older devices especially may be for some users a substantial weak point.

Popkick App Color Wheel
Popkick App Photo Enhancements
Popkick App Color Presets
Photos to be processed can be taken in-app or loaded from your device. You have a collection of 12 vibrant color presets and 5 photo enhancements, which you can tweak, mix and customize. Popkick works best with images with strong subjects, like close-up portraits, while it may not produce striking results with photos with too many intricate fine details. By tapping on the icons and swiping onscreen, you can easily access the various tools and filters. Tapping on the roller brush icon, you enable the central color wheel, which you can spin to alter your color combinations; by moving the picture around with your fingers with the blend feature turned on, you can generate a variety of color shifts and affect the overall look of the pop effect. Through the photo enhancements, accessed by tapping on the magic wand icon, you can modify settings as contrast and brightness. You can use the shuffle option to generate random effects and add a simple border to the photos. Finally you can save and share via the various Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, email, or make prints of your images.

Popkick App
Popkick App
Popkick is a universal app capable of producing images with a maximum resolution of 3080 pixels on iPhone 5, iPad 3 and up. Please note that on iPhone 4s the maximum resolution is only 1710 pixels. Even though Popkick is optimized for iOS 7, users who have not yet updated to the latest iOS can still download the app: a device running iOS 6 is the minimum requirement.

Popkick’s special launch price will be $0.99/€0.89 and it will be available in the App Store for $2.99/€2.69 afterwards.

Name: Popkick
Publisher: Pixabi
Compatibility: iOS 6.0 or later
Price: $2.99||€2.69
Vote: 4/5

Many thanks to Alexandra for providing the file for this review and for the awesome support.

Miranda November 4, 2013 at 10:57 pm

I was able to preview a beta version of the update, after writing an email to Alexandra about frequent crashes I was experiencing while trying to save images in version 1.0. The update totally fixed the problem, so I’m finally able to utilize this sleek program. As an aside, as far as design goes, Popkick is beautifully streamlined and absolutely gorgeous to look at while transforming your photos. All the new options and controls only make it better. A fun app!

lindsey November 5, 2013 at 12:02 am

Daww! The kitty is ubercute! Will def try this after the launch 😉

Derek November 5, 2013 at 10:54 pm

Thank you for this nice article. Sounds very very promising and fun! Have to get this one to complete my Photo Toolbox.

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