TiltShift: More Fake Miniature Photography for Apple Users

A New App to "Miniaturize" Your Photos

by Pu on October 27, 2010

We talked about the tilt-shift technique in photography in occasion of our review of Tiltshift Generator. We explained how favorable the common opinion is right now towards fake miniature photos and how people are eagerly interested in creating them with every available digital means. We also know the Apple Store offers so much variety that sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether an app is better than another providing the same results. Better in terms of usability and – why not? –  value for the money you pay. We tried Fukatsu’s TiltShift Generator and, as you can see from our review, we loved it. We tried Krause’s TiltShift as well: what do we think about it?

Main Features

  • Full resolution available;
  • Two types of blur (Gaussian and Lens);
  • Different shapes of aperture to simulate different bokeh effects;
  • Threshold and strength adjustment;
  • Contrast, brightness and saturation adjustment;
  • Free images for practice and guide included.

Appotography Opinion

Despite its larger number of elements and options, which could make one lean towards choosing Krause’s app, TiltShift cannot compete in ease of use and quality of results with Fukatsu’s TiltShift Generator. Most of the variables are the same for both apps, with a few additional ones in Krause’s TiltShift, but Tiltshift Generator is by far smoother and more immediate, and the results are overall a lot nicer as well.

TiltShift’s blur tool, which is the basis for the diorama effect behind miniature faking, for instance is not very easy to handle: the pinching in and out and the rotation of the blur masks are not very user-friendly and sometimes even creating the simplest blur area can take more than it’s worth. The different apertures to simulate bokeh effects result very lame with most photos and are thus not much useful. TiltShift offers a lot in terms of features, but none of them is truly outstanding.

TiltShift iPhone - Interface

TiltShift iPhone

If you have to pick your first tilt-shift editor for your iPhone photography, I’d say TiltShift is not the best choice you have. If you already purchased another tilt-shift app, maybe you don’t need this one either.

Fake Miniature Photo Made with TiltShift iPhone

Another Fake Miniature Photo Made with TiltShift iPhone

You can apply the fake miniature effect to photos taken on the spot or those stored in your camera roll, or you can have some fun with the ad hoc images included in the app. TiltShift contains a small guide as well, to learn about the app’s commands and features.


Name: TiltShift
Developer: Michael Krause
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. iOS 3.0 or later.
Price: £1.19||$1.99||€1.59
Vote: 2/5

TiltShift - Michael Krause

Jamie Helfen March 6, 2011 at 4:45 pm

I agree that TiltiShift Generator is much better.

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