Magic Hour Updated to 1.3

by Pu on July 9, 2011

Magic Hour 1.3 is now available in the App Store. The new version of Kiwiple’s photo editing and filter creator application for iPhone introduces new features for more fun and possibilities.

The biggest addition in this release is the brand new TiltShift effect, for turning photos into fake miniature images.

Magic Hour by Kiwiple for iPhone

Tilt shift simulation can be applied to photos edited in Magic Hour after adjusting other settings, just before saving. This means, you will not find the tilt shift option among Magic Hour’s presets or in the Filter Market, but you will be able to add it after the rest of you editing is done. There are two blur modes that you can choose from: radial and linear. Other than that, you can decide if the blur must be applied inwards or outwards. A slider allows easy resizing of the effect. In combination with other filters and/or with vignetting added, Magic Hour’s tilt shift effect looks pretty neat.

Magic Hour for iPhone by Kiwiple - Tilt shift

Colorful Reykjavik! Apply a fake miniature effect to your photos in Magic Hour.

Other changes in version 1.3 include a digital zoom feature for the camera mode and a fix for Facebook and Posterous sharing bug.

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