King Camera, GIFVid² & TiltShift Generator Updated

by Pu on July 9, 2011

King Camera iPhoneKing Camera 1.04 completes the series of updates that, together with version 1.02 and 1.03, improved the app’s speed both for camera and editing modes.

Camera shutter speed is now steadily under 1s; launching and rendering times in Photodesk are also overall bettered: speed for thumbnail generation and photo import from Camera Roll are improved.

A few other details about the latest release, besides various bug fixes (sound not being properly disabled, HD burst mode crash on 3GS, flashlight issue when switching from camera to video, among the other things, although in a note, developers let users know that iOS makes impossible to turn off camera shutter sound): photo buffer limit is removed in version 1.04 to allow unlimited photo taking; moreover, you can now browse multiple pages in Photodesk while in Selection mode, so that deleting and sharing over multiple pages is possible.

King Camera is currently on sale and available at the special price of $1.99 (£1.19/€1.59) in the App Store.

GIFVid iPhoneWith the update to version 2.1.0, GIFVid² is now capable of importing photos and videos stored in your Camera Roll. Previously, you could either create your animated GIF by recording a short video or by taking a sequence of images over a given time interval, only using the built-in camera feature, while no import was possible. Now you can create animations also making use of previously recorded/shot material. The process to create your animated GIF is exactly the same in both cases.

GIFVid² is currently 33% off the regular price (for a limited time it’s $1.99/£1.19/€1.59).

TiltShift Generator iPhoneTiltShift Generator 1.55 improves control in ellipse blur mode. With the last update, you can now freely adjust width/height ratio of the recently introduced ellipse blur, simply by pinching with your fingers. The developer also revealed that EXIF support will be added with the upcoming release.

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