TiltShift Generator, Lomora 2, Panoramatic 360 Bug Fixes

by Pu on March 25, 2011

Just a very brief update to notify that three of the apps we reviewed were updated in the last hours: TiltShift Generator by Art & Mobile, Lomora 2 by Marvin Lee and Panoramatic 360 by floaty. None of these updates is a major one.

TiltShift Generator v. 1.36: fixed bug for Facebook sign-in .

Lomora 2 v. 2.2.1: fixed bug causing the app to crash on iPod Touch 4th generation.

Panoramatic 360 v. 4.3.1: fixed bugs and various improvements.

If you have experienced some problem with one of these apps, it’s recommended to update them now. Remember you can always contact the developer for further assistance and to report further issues.

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