Camera+ Updated to 2.1

by Pu on February 15, 2011

Camera+ just got an update. Version 2.1 doesn’t add significant features, but improves features already included in version 2.0. Check out what’s new:

  • Optimization in effects processing. Improvements when trying out the different effects/borders and when saving/sharing photos that have effects applied;
  • More instances of the camera button so that you can instantly get to shooting from almost anywhere in the app.
  • Change of icon for multi-select;
  • Choose the order which your photos will be shared;
  • Save your photos automatically to Camera Roll as you shoot them;
  • Info panel’s improvements;
  • Access info on photos from the Lightbox without zooming;
  • Turn geotagging on and off;
  • Tap-and-hold buttons to display additional options;
  • Geotags and metadata are now retained when emailing photos;
  • Improvement in the quality of several effects and borders;
  • Location services are now only active when in camera view to save battery life;
  • Several bug fixes.

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