Old Picture: Free Old Style Texture Collection For Your Photos

by Pu on March 1, 2011

Personally, most of the times I like to choose carefully when I use photos and textures together. I prefer using something more highly customizable and make sure the final effect is as I want it to be. Even on the iPhone or iPad, I tend to rely on one or multiple textures I choose myself, rather than on presets that I  cannot modify. However, you probably know that for a reason or another sometimes you cannot go and look for the perfect texture: this is when apps loaded with ready to use textures especially come in handy.

Sometimes a texture, if chosen well, is enough to make a boring picture special. Old Picture gives its users this ability with just one simple click.

Main Features

  • Full resolution available;
  • 50 textures;
  • Share with email.

Appotography Opinion

Old Picture provides users with a collection of textures to turn their photos into old-looking images. All the app does is to stick a more or less grungy layer on the photo. You cannot adjust intensity of the effect or colors or anything else. Once you find a texture you like, you save the image. There are fifty different textures available, divided into five sets of ten textures each. Honestly, although the final outcome is fair enough — better than anything you could come up with  some other paid-for app that basically does the same, at any rate — the textures are not varied and I don’t really get according to what criteria they are arranged — if there is a criterion in their arrangement at all. It seems to me most are slightly different versions of the same texture. Chances are you’ll end picking a texture at random most of the times, because you won’t be bothered to browse through the whole gallery, since in any case there is not a significant difference in style and look among textures.

Old Picture by Orbit Sofware iPhone

A few nice effects but not enough variety.

Anyway, the final result is OK and the output quality too, and let’s not forget the app is free: isn’t that enough? Is there really anything to complain about, you’ll wonder? Well, yes, I do have a complaint: Old Picture has issue you cannot really ignore if you’re going to download it to actually use it. It concerns photo orientation: Old Picture, up to this moment, doesn’t support portrait, it only supports landscape orientation. In the case of portrait-oriented photos, you’ll have to rotate the images with the aid of some other app and save them again. You know, this can be a real bother, especially if you take mainly portrait oriented photos.

As I said, although not even remotely perfect, Old Picture is an all right photo app and on top of that it is free, so if you think you have some use for its grungy effects, you can download it right away. It might be a useful extension in your collection.


Name: Old Picture
Developer: Orbit Sofware
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. iOS 4.0 or later.
Price: free!
Vote: 3/5

Old Picture - Orbit Software

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