Percolator: Retro-style Effects That Will Surprise You

by Pu on February 7, 2011

There are apps that can make a difference in your personal collection. Apps that will make you reconsider the way you look at your photo library. Apps that, although their sphere of activity may seem limited to the exceptional and to the peculiar at first, can be surprisingly adaptable to a multiplicity of uses. Percolator is one of them.

Main Features

  • Up to 2048×1536 pixels resolution;
  • 4 levels of accuracy;
  • 5 different effects;
  • Dark and light backgrounds;
  • Zoom and pan.

Appotography Opinion

The strength of Percolator by Tinrocket resides in its extreme capability of stylization. Any photo — it doesn’t matter its original look, its subject, and so on — will be turned with extreme ease into a colorful retro-looking mosaic. Edited photos will thus gain a new life and a surprising verve.

“The main algorithm used in Percolator was developed in 2004, as a small piece of a larger project. This algorithm places circles in the empty areas of images, from the largest possible circle down to the smallest. The software computes a fast solution to a problem area known as circle packing.”

This is, in nuce, how percolator was conceived and the way it works. There is a chance knowing it won’t be very useful to your actual purposes. All you really need to know is Percolator is an app capable of delivering effects to add astonishing stylization to your photos very quickly and with minimum effort.

Percolator by Tinrocket for iPhone

Both if you choose to take a shot or if you load one from your camera roll, you will be able to radically change the look of your photos in a really quick way, without having to to do anything more than scrolling among the available settings, which are not many, but are anyway definitely enough for your purposes. You can pick one of the different styles ready for use, you can refine the accuracy of the effect in relation to your images, you can choose to apply a dark or light background depending on your specific needs. It doesn’t take more than a few seconds; excellent quality results are granted.

Percolator works particularly well with highly contrasted, colorful photos. However, experimenting with the various setting might surprise you and give you interesting outcomes even with other photos. In general, even in photos whose colors are washed out, colors are improved and revamped. Of course, better exposed photos will give you better results.

The only aspect that perhaps could be improved in future updates is offering the user a more comprehensive experience by adding a few sharing options, which for now are totally absent.

Percolator is an entertaining app that not only will let the average user play with photos is a surprising and refreshing way, but, if used in a clever way, will also provide the creative type new and interesting ideas.


Name: Percolator
Developer: Tinrocket
Compatibility: iPhone. iOS 3.1.3 or later.
Price: £0.59||$0.99||€0.79
Vote: 5/5

Percolator - Tinrocket, LLC

Janice February 17, 2011 at 1:26 am

I love Percolator! One of the greatest effects! Truly makes your pix different! Much love to developers!

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