Dynamic Light 1.5: New Filters And More

by Pu on April 1, 2011

After the previous release, Mediachance had anticipated a substantial improvement to their Dynamic Light app. And here it is, the promised update: version 1.5, featuring new filters, interface and useful tools for giving you more freedom while processing your photos.

  • New interface;
  • Adjust two parameters at once (Strength and Radius) with the new Light Ball;
  • Fine-tune all the effects with Color Mixing Light Ball;
  • Six more effects, including Dutch Light which is officially back.

The big thing about the new release is the Light Ball mixer, which gives you some extra flexibility to adjust effects to suit your photography.

Along with Dutch Light, that was brought back after a brief absence, five new filters are available with the new release of Dynamic Light: Overcooked HDR, No More HDR and the three colored effects Green Tint, Blue Tint, Red Tint, which all look like variations of Mysterious Light.

Some New Filters: Green Tint and Overcooked HDR

A final note about release 1.5: six empty slots can be seen in the newly added effect page. Indication of more filters to come?

Dynamic Light - Mediachance

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