Dynamic Light 2.0 Released

by Pu on March 9, 2013

HDR Art Review

HDR looks for all tastes.

by Pu on March 6, 2013

AutoPainter Now Free

by Pu on March 5, 2013

Dynamic Light 1.7 Update

A bunch of new effects included!

by Pu on May 25, 2011

AutoPainter II Review

More art styles for your photos.

by Pu on May 23, 2011

Dynamic Light Updated to 1.6

by Pu on April 19, 2011

AutoPainter Review

A few clicks to turn your photos into paintings.

by Pu on April 15, 2011

Dynamic Light and iSupr8 Updates

by Pu on March 26, 2011