Bleach Bypass Updated to 1.1

A new effect included.

by Pu on June 9, 2011

Bleach Bypass by Fotosyn for iPhoneBleach Bypass, Fotosyn’s app to recreate skip bleach process on the iPhone, is now version 1.1. Here are all the enhancements coming with the new release:

  • Thumbnail preview in FX Menu added;
  • Pre-rendered image for quick effect preview added;
  • New Muted effect added;
  • Verve effect revised;
  • Vignetting quality improved;
  • Retro border quality improved;
  • Exposure for Blush, Breeze and Nostalgia effects with no vignetting applied adjusted;
  • Manual saving of original unedited image enabled;
  • Memory use for EXIF data improved.

As mentioned, the update adds to Bleach Bypass a new effect called Muted, characterized by intense desaturation. The effect Verve, already included in version 1.0 of the app, underwent a revision and it is now available in a renovated version.

Bleach Bypass by Fotosyn for iPhone.

Muted effect with retro border (no vignetting).

Bleach Bypass by Fotosyn for iPhone.

The revised Verve effect.

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