Colorize Review

Recolor, desaturate and color again.

by Pu on June 15, 2011

Colorize‘s Yorkie, with its intense psychedelic hairdo, seems to know the coloring business well: Widgetize’s app for iPhone is so easy to use it’s almost ridiculous. Honestly, if all photography apps were so simple, we would be spending more time taking and editing photos and less trying to learn how to use apps to take and edit photos.

Main Features

  • Full resolution available;
  • Two painting modes (Recolor and Desaturate);
  • Restore from previous sessions;
  • Zoom in/out;
  • Color picker;
  • Adjustable brush size and hardness;
  • In-app guide.

Appotography Opinion

Colorize by Widgetize for iPhoneIn Colorize you can both selectively recolor and desaturate your images. The process to achieve the desired result is simple. You load a photo from your device or take one with the built-in camera; after that you are introduced to the app’s Main Panel. At the bottom of the Main Panel there is a set of tools: the recolor and desaturate brushes, the eraser and the color picker. For better control, the tools panel can be hidden when not required and it can be brought back again by dragging it with the finger.

Depending on which effect you want to accomplish, you can either choose the desaturate or the recolor brush. For both brushes, it’s possible to adjust size and hardness playing with sliders in the tools panel. The recolor brush only sets the color of your object and it doesn’t affect other parameters as brightness, contrast and overall saturation. With the color picker selected, you can quickly switch between colors to be applied to your image. All you are required to do is painting with your finger over the areas you want either to recolor or desaturate. By finger-pinching, you can zoom in and out for a more refined result; by using the undo function and the eraser, you can easily correct mistakes. It’s also possible to compare the original with your edited image.

Colorize by Widgetize for iPhone

Colorize - The recoloring process.

All your projects are saved in the app’s gallery. This way, not only you can go back to keep on working on them, but you can also make changes at any moment.

Colorize does its work well and quickly. The UI works flawlessly and in general, for the simple task of selectively desaturating and recoloring photos, Widgetize’s app for iPhone is a pleasure to use.

More than a few other apps do the same as well and some of them even offer additional features. However, if you need an app exclusively focused on selective desaturation/recoloring, Colorize is really great.


Name: Colorize
Developer: Widgetize
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. iOS 3.0 or later.
Price: £1.19||$1.99||€1.59
Vote: 4/5

Colorize - Widgetize

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