Hipstamatic: You Can Now Delete Photos From Albums

by Harry on August 2, 2011

As we already wrote in a previous news today, the developers of Hipstamatic have now added an option to delete your photos from public albums.

I think it is still important to remind our readers that everything we wrote in previous posts about the Creative Commons license applied to your photos on Hipstamatic Family Albums and the general rights Hipstamatic has on your photos once you have used their online services is still valid. So, deleting your photos from the Family Albums will not remove the Creative Commons license from them – which means that if somebody downloaded your photos, they can use them freely for as long as they want – and it will not remove the rights you gave Hipstamatic  on your photos once you have used their online services – rights of using your photos in any way they want, including reselling them to third parties.

While many advocates of the “free for all” Internet consider Creative Commons the only way to go for sharing of information on the Internet, you must always be careful when deciding to go this route with your photos. And you must always remember that the Creative Commons license does not overwrite the rights you gave to a company when you accepted their Terms of Service.

I know – a lot of users just want to have fun with their iPhone and do not really care about who is using their photos. But there is a substantial number of users, also according to the number of e-mails and comments we had on the topic, that do care and that should thus always read the small notes in the Terms of Service of the apps they are using.

And if you are interested in different ways of sharing your photos, somebody is working on them – read our post about OpenPhoto – and even Flickr and Google+ have much more relaxed Terms of Service when it comes to photo sharing.

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