iSupr8 Extra Films Overview

by Pu on August 5, 2011

One of the most important changes introduced in version 2.0 of iSupr8 MEA MobileiSupr8 is the possibility to purchase more films to process video clips. Together with the original Tru 8, iSupr8 now features a selection of effects ranging from black and white to a variety of color film stocks. All films are customizable: users can choose default settings or they can create and save their own custom presets by altering basic parameters for each effect.

After the update to 2.0.2, iSupr8 now offers 7 film types  (+ Tru 8 and Levi’s® Film Workshop, available for free with the app’s download):

  • VibraChrome 100D: slightly faded color film with warm, radiant tones.
  • SuprChrome 40: desaturated colors with a slight magenta cast.
  • PenneMaker B&W Reversal Film: bold high contrast black and white in the style of the 60’s.
  • Prime-X B&W Reversal Film: black and white with a faded look and a subtle sepia tint.
  • ThermaChrome: vibrant colors with an emphasis on blue shadows and warm midtones.
  • AltroVerdi 100: ultra-vivid colors and strong green hues, especially noticeable in darker areas.
  • WestmanRosa 64T: bright red shadows contrasting with cool midtones.

Here is a preview of all the extra films that are available as in-app purchases in iSupr8.

Thermachrome, AltroVerdi and WestmanRosa were added with the last update (2.0.2), while the other films were already in version 2.0. Effects are not bundled together: each of the available items can be purchased individually for $0.99/€0.79/£0.69.

iSupr8 is still free in the App Store, thanks to the sponsorship of Levi’s Film Workshop.

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