Instagram 3.0 Presents Maps

by Pu on August 19, 2012

InstagramThe release of Instagram 3.0.0 introduces the new photo map feature. Every user can now share pictures based on their location by enabling the feature at the moment of posting them. Previously taken photos can be selected and added to the map as well and others can browse them accordingly. Previously Instagram users were allowed to add a location to their photos, but there was no proper visualization of all the geolocated photos according to the given location. Now photos are arranged on the map and they can be accessed and browsed easily from the user profile. All photos added to each user’s map can be individually removed from it at any time. Users switching to the new map feature are advised against adding to it photos whose location they don’t wish to be exposed.

Instagram 3.0.0

Adding photos to maps.

Instagram 3.0.0

Managing mapped photos.

Version 3.0.0 of Instagram also features flagging for innapropriate comments, infinite scrolling on photo feeds, fully revamped profile and upload screens, and a number of other minor design changes and enhancements.

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