Hipstamatic Retro Weekend Three Now On

by Pu on March 24, 2013

Hipstamatic‘s RetroPak Three is now available for downloading in the app’s HipstaMart. As its predecessors, the third RetroPak is being released as a reissue to some of the limited edition packs previously available through Hipstamatic and later withdrawn from the app’s in-app purchases section.

Hipstamatic RetroPak Three
Here are all items included in RetroPak Three:

  • Americana Lens
  • Blanko Freedon13 Film
  • OG Film
  • G2 Lens
  • RTV Film
  • RTV Shout! Film
  • US1776 Film
  • W40 Film
  • Wonder Lens
  • AO BW Film
  • AO DLX Film
  • Hornbecker Lens

As an additional treat for this weekend, all three RetroPaks are now downloadable for the special price of $0.99 each.

Hipstamatic recently released the newest Silver Lake HipstaPak, which you can also currently download from the app’s camera gear section.

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