Long Island HipstaPak Out

by Pu on October 5, 2013

The first weekend of October brings new goods to Hipstamatic and Oggl users. Perhaps this will look at first like a tricky topic, so let’s start by clearing the possible mix-ups.

Long Island Hipstapak - BlacKeys Extra Fine + Florence
If you went to the Hipstamart to dowload the Long Island HipstaPak and after gazing at its contents you think you are experiencing a déjà-vu, don’t worry: you’re not the only one. This is really not a trick of your brain, 2/3 of the new Hipstapak (the Old Sport camera case and the BlacKeys Extra Fine film) were released weeks ago as free pack, also named Long Island. If this sounds a little confusing it’s because it is; but it’s also all quite simple after you start thinking as the folks at Hipstamatic. The difference with the paid pack and the free one is in its third item, the Florence lens, which is available in the paid pack but not in the free one.

Long Island HipstaPak
If you dowloaded the Long Island FreePak, you are already familiar with the Old Sport, a shiny gold and warm leatherette camera case with Gatsby-ish art deco ornaments. You are also acquainted with the film, the BlacKeys Extra Fine, capable of producing borderless and clear black and white photographs.

The item you are probably not acquainted with is Florence, the lens being only available as part of the Long Island HipstaPak. Florence is a bright and slightly desaturated lens, indicated especially for monochrome or warm film effects.

Long Island Hipstapak - BlacKeys Extra Fine + Florence

Long Island Hipstapak - BlacKeys Extra Fine + Florence
The Long Island HipstaPak is available for $.99/€.89 in the Hipstamart.

Alysia October 5, 2013 at 8:11 pm

So you get only a new lens paying full price for the new pack? I think I’ll pass. I already have the Blackeys Extrafine film, and that’s all I care for. Lovely light in the first photo!

B. October 7, 2013 at 4:24 pm

Yeah, I kind of thought it was silly to charge 99¢ and only get a new lens. But I bought it anyway so I could be complete.

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