Mextures 2.0: More Textures, More Formulas, More Features

Little textures grow up.

by Pu on April 13, 2014

Mextures has been for some time one of the apps I frequently use when I want images with mood but without overpowering processing. The app, whose simple and yet effective concept many iPhone photographers found appealing, was updated to version 2.0. The latest release brings to a new level the possibilities of the app, adding several new features and textures.

Mextures 2.0
Despite my appreciation for the app, I previously in many occasions I felt it needed badly advanced controls for image tuning, like basic contrast, exposure and saturation. Most of the times, the photo had to be adjusted in another app before being imported into it. This was especially bothersome since I do a lot of monochrome, which was impossible to achieve in-app in the previous versions. Mextures 2.0 comes with a mini-lab that includes not only the mentioned exposure, contrast and saturation settings, but also shadows and highlight controls, temperature and tint, fade and sharpening. In addition to these, the Film option allows to choose among a series of 25 presets that emulate some popular films and processes, such as Cross Process, Lomography, Velvia, and various Polaroid. Better yet, now it’s possible to convert images to black and white. The black and white conversion could be improved to be a little more than a switch for more flexibility, but this is still a nice add-on to have.

Mexture 2.0
Another new feature in 2.0 is the Formula Manager. From it not only you can choose from among your custom formulas, but you can import formulas from other users, by entering a 7-digits code. Through the Formula Manager’s panels, people will be able to exchange formulas just by sharing their codes.

Several textures were added to the app as well to the various categories (grit and grain, grunge, light leaks, etc.), and ready-to-use formulas open to customization. Among those, the Black and White and the Destroyed Film packs. The app now counts more than 130 different textures for virtually infinite combinations and effect stacking.

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