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PhotoForge2 Back to School Sale!

by Pu on September 3, 2011

PhotoForge2 Updated to 2.1.1

by Pu on July 19, 2011

PhotoForge2 Now a Universal App

iPad fully supported in version 2.1.

by Pu on July 2, 2011

PhotoForge2 On Sale!

by Pu on June 25, 2011

PhotoForge2 Updated to 2.0.2

Finally, get your previous projects back!

by Pu on June 14, 2011

PhotoForge2 2.0.1 Update

Many Improvements And A Bug...

by Pu on May 28, 2011

PhotoForge2 Review

The ultimate iPhone photo editing app?

by Pu on May 22, 2011

PhotoForge2 Coming Soon!

Are you ready?

by Pu on May 16, 2011