PhotoForge2 2.0.1 Update

Many Improvements And A Bug...

by Pu on May 28, 2011

PhotoForge2 was released a few hours ago. Version 2.0.1 comes with many fixes and improvements, both to features and interface. Here ‘s what’s new in detail:

PhotoForge2 by GhostBird Software for iPhone

  • Enabling location services to load photos no longer required;
  • Remove metadata when sharing photos online;
  • Disable GPS tagging when using the built in camera;
  • Set editor background opacity when editing;
  • High Pass filter added;
  • Configurable polar filter edge blending and zoom added;
  • Camera connection kit RAW support added;
  • Auto-approve images uploaded to Facebook;
  • Disabled location service when cancelling the image picker;
  • Metadata disappearing when emailing photo fixed ( it can now be configured from settings);
  • Camera roll is now always at the top of the list in the image picker;
  • Facebook login problem on devices without multi tasking fixed;
  • Minor interface fixes;
  • Speed of gaussian blur filter increased;
  • Various optimizations and speed enhancements.

The High Pass filter.

Transparent editor backgrounds.

There  were reports of  a bug preventing users to load their previous projects correctly after updating to PhotoForge2 2.0.1 (the bug doesn’t affect new projects). Developers stated they couldn’t test the app for this specific issue, but they are currently working on it and a new version will be available soon.

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