ScratchCam 1.3 Update

Save and manage your favorite styles.

by Pu on June 17, 2011

ScratchCam for iPhoneThe new release of ScratchCam for iPhone will shortly be available in the App Store. ScratchCam adds a grungy, aged and distressed look to any photo. If you want to know more, you will find an in-depth review of the app by clicking here.

Although version 1.3 will not change the way ScratchCam works overall, it will add an essential feature to the app. In fact, with the new release, it will be possible to save favorite styles. Up to version 1.2, ScratchCam relied exclusively on effect randomization. The new feature will make it easier to make a list of preferred styles, to allow quicker selection of the right look at the right moment. Frequent users in special way will appreciate this addition, for it will definitely give them more control over their final results. Favorited styles will be accessible and manageable from the main work area.

ScratchCam for iPhoneIn version 1.3, sharing via email was also added and enhancements to the included effects were made.

ScratchCam for iPhone

Different styles in ScratchCam for iPhone.

The new release clearly shows that ScratchCam’s developer is very responsive to sensible feedback: he actually listened to what his users deemed important to make adjustments and improve the overall usability of ScratchCam.

Last but not least, the Lite version of ScratchCam is also coming to the App Store. ScratchCam Lite will be a fully functional release, including all the features of the paid version, with the only exception of high resolution saving and a limit to the number of styles users can add to their favorites. If you want to try before purchasing, go ahead and get the Lite version.

NOTE: The developer of ScratchCam kindly provided us with preview code for this ScratchCam update.

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