Noir Photo Updated to 1.1

by Pu on August 11, 2011

Noir Photo Red GiantRed Giant’s Noir Photo 1.1 is out. Noir Photo is a simple and effective application working on all iDevices for conveying a mood through photos. Dramatic effects can be achieved just by playing with basic settings, like brightness, contrast and vignette. You can read our full review of Noir Photo here.

Noir Photo Red GiantThe most notable feature added in version 1.1 is the fullscreen editing. By tapping on the uppermost right corner of the tool panel (on the dotted corner), it’s now possible to enlarge the work area. This is especially useful when better control on finer detail is required, as it allows more accurate placement of the ellipse affecting the vignette’s adjustment.

Fullscreen editing in Noir PhotoOther enhancements in Noir Photo 1.1 include: higher editing resolution and preservation of photo metadata, so that original information is not lost upon saving.

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