Laminar Back to App Store

The revamped iPhone and Pro versions of the app are now available.

by Pu on December 11, 2013

It’s not without some excitement that we aknowledge the recent return of Laminar after a long absence from the App Store. As many will remember, Laminar was withdrawn from the Store in late September for serious problems with iOS 7. At the time, no official statement or detailed explanation had been divulged by the developer, making some assume the app was gone for good.

Laminar Back to App Store

Being the image editor by Pranav Kapoor one of the most complete on iOS, its prolonged absence was experienced as a huge loss by those iPhone users who made it the go-to app for throughout photo retouch on the device.

Finally, a revised version of Laminar is available for download. In Pranav Kapoor’s words about the reissue,

We had to remove the app from the store to fix the crash occurring on iOS 7. But the UI itself was completely broken for the new iOS. We had to re-write a big section of the UI components, and it took time. I apologize for the delay, but there is no way we could have allowed the app to be in sale in that state.

Laminar Back to App Store
The Laminar now in the App Store is more or less the same we used to know, both from a visual and from a functional point of view. At the same time, the new version involved a huge redesign of the UI to make it fully compatible with iOS 7. Likewise, most of the tools work exactly as they used to, with the exception of a few, like Gradient and Annotation, that were significantly changed also to meet the requests coming from the app’s users. Overall, the style of the laminar remains the same, even though some of the tools and menus were altered in the new version. Continuity is maintained for old users, with upgrades and refinements to the advantage of old and new ones.

Note that the update interests both Laminar for iPhone and Laminar Pro.

Laminar for iPhone

Laminar Pro

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