Film Lab: A Great Film Simulator For Your iPhone Photography

by Pu on September 6, 2010

Some of you have probably tried RetroCamera in its free or paid version at some point and thought, “what a nice app, too bad they didn’t provide higher resolution”. Yes, too bad.

Film Lab, an application by the same developer of RetroCamera, partly solves the issues with the previous app, as it does provide hi-res saving. It doesn’t provide other features included in the RetroCamera app though, like textures and borders, but it offers more variety in the film simulation area.

Main Features

  • Up to a resolution of 3200 pixels;
  • Film simulation: 350+ filters available;
  • Color operation: 18 operations available (multiply, invert, screen, overlay, etc.);
  • Restores previous session;
  • Tooltip  on/off;
  • Brightness and contrast adjustment;
  • Hue and saturation adjustment;
  • Blur and sharpness regulation;
  • Undo/redo.

Appotography Opinion

Film Lab is one of our favorite photography apps. Not only it features a wide collection of filters, but also one of the best. We are particularly pleased with sepia and black and white film simulation offered by Film Lab. Your photos won’t look like it happens with many other apps simply as color images converted in black and white, they will actually retain the feel of photos shot in black and white film. Since the list of available filters to choose from is so long, they are conveniently arranged by style and color (vintage, sepia, etc.) or by brand (AGFA, Ilford, Kodak, Daguerreotype, etc.). It is also possible to create a list of favorite or recently used  filters for quicker use. The interface is quite clear and easy to figure out, and if you make mistakes or change your mind while editing your picture, you can always undo. Film Lab works both with the camera and with photos stored in the camera roll.

Film Lab iPhone

Here are just a few examples of what you can do. We are choosing filters at random to show the different effects. To obtain more original results, you can filter your photos as many times as you like.

Film Lab iPhone

Film Lab iPhone

Film Lab iPhone

Film Lab iPhone

Film Lab iPhone

In Appotography opinion, Film Lab is a must have app for iPhone photography lovers.


Name: Film Lab
Developer: CLBITZ Ubiquitous Communications Inc.
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. iOS 3.1.3 or later.
Price: £0.59||$0.99||€0.79
Vote: 5/5

FILM LAB - CLBITZ Ubiquitous Communications Inc.

Febby Tan January 26, 2011 at 1:55 am

This app outputs the best B&W effects. And the filter choices are plenty. I agree with you. It’s a must-have!

Harry January 27, 2011 at 2:18 am

I agree! Febby, thanks for commenting. And lovely photos in your website!

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